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Nagarjuna Mahaa Naaraayana Thailam


Product Description

Nagarjuna Mahaa Naaraayana Thailam

Pack Size:- 200ml

Mahanarayan Oil is a very famous herbal oil used in Ayurvedic treatment of arthritis, paralysis,  and eye diseases. This oil is used for external application, orally and for many Ayurvedic therapies.


It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of Facial palsy, Hearing loss, Deafness, Paraplegia, tremors, Neck rigidity/Torticollis, Lock jaw, wasting of hands and legs, insanity, Oligospermia, Female Infertility, Teeth & tongue ailments, bloating, Headache, Glossal palsy, Dental Pain, Mania/Psychosis, Hump-back/Kyphosis, Fever.

It is used in anti aging treatment.

It helps to relieve emaciation, tendon tear, fractures and all types of arthritis.


It is also given orally in a dose of 3 – 5 ml, once or two times  a day, before food with warm water or milk


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