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Ayurvedic Yuvan Herbal Tea 100 gms


Product Description

Yuvan’ in Sanskrit means ‘youthfulness’. The Yuvan tea brand from Kairali Ayuvedic Group is a carefully crafted herbal concoction to help prolong the cheerful and spirited youthfulness of your personality. While the rest of the modern medicines often claim to have struck the ‘fountain of youth’, Ayurveda science had it figured out 5000 years back, right in the kitchen garden at your backyard.

Yuvan Herbal Tea, developed by Kairali means youthfulness. It is ideal blend of organic herbs in nature. The mix of these raw herbs coupled with active ingredient – Rotula Aquatica and Tribulus Terrestris comtributes to your physical strength. Drink this tea twice to remain loaded with energy. This tea can be consumed n number of times for incredible health benefits.


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