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CavinKare Meera Pure Coconut Hair Oil



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Product Description

<p>New Meera Coconut Oil Comes with a 100% purity gurantee. It is made from the best coconuts, ensuring premium quality, edible grade coconut oil with advanced packaging to ensure a long shelf life. It promotes hair growth and controls hair loss, premature greying.</p>

<p class=”sub-title-1″>Key benefits of Meera Pure Coconut Oil are as under:</p>


<li>Meera Pure Coconut Oil is made from the finest grade of coconuts.</li>

<li>Meera Pure Coconut Oil is exclusively designed to retain the goodness of coconut oil.</li>

<li>Meera pure Coconut Oil comes with 100% guarantee of purity.</li>

<li>Meera pure Coconut Oil is packaged to retain the true aroma of pure coconut oil.</li>


<p>Meera Pure Coconut oil was Popularly known for its food &amp; personal care brands, Cavinkare has come up with yet another convenience product that would be of immense benefit to consumers. In line with the accepted consumer belief that consumers are looking to adopt natural, hygienically prepared, pure &amp; easy to use products, Meera pure coconut oil has been launched to delight consumers in their day-today needs.</p>

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1 Pack*100ml, 2pack*100ml


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