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Nagarjuna Anu Thailam 10ml


Product Description

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Anu Thailam

Pack Size : 10ml

Description :

Anu thailam or oil is a wonderful herbal nasal oil. It is the result of a very expensive and time-consuming process. A few drops administered into the nasal passages can instantly dispel or soothe the most stubborn, drug resistant headaches.

Anu Thailam is an Ayuvedic Nasal Oil that is an effective remedy for allergies, sinusitis, and head colds. Thailam is the South Indian word for oils in which herbs have been actually cooked. They are ancient recipes from classical texts, modified by family traditions, and are used exclusively for application to the skin and mucosa. They begin with sesame and/or coconut oil, to which ingredients from Triphala to Sandalwood to Ashwagandha to Goat’s Milk and even Monsoon Rain are added and cooked on the lowest of flames for hours and hours.

Benefits of Anu thailam

Improved sense of smell – Clears sinuses – Vibrant voice – Strengthens muscles and joints of face and neck also improves circulation – Helps relieve stiff neck – Prevents diseases like Facial palsy, Baldness, early gray hair and headaches. When treating an acute allergy phase, or sinus problem any time of year, for example during Allergy season when you suddenly start reacting, use saline for two days and then use your Anu Thailam for one week, along with your herbs by mouth. Repeat if necessary. .

NEVER USE THE NETI POT OR SALINE IRRIGATION ON THE SAME DAY AS YOUR ANU THAILAM, IT WILL BURN THE MUCUS MEMBRANES. DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE IMMEDIATELY AFTER USING ANU THAILAM, AS THIS MAY SHOOT UNWANTED MATERIAL INTO YOUR EUSTACHIAN TUBE. Just keep drying your nose with a hankerchief as needed. After about 30 minutes, if you still need to blow your nose, blow it very gently, ONE NOSTRIL AT A TIME. Never blow both nostrils at once.

Please note: Anu Thailam is a bit strong, so if you are the sensitive type start with 1 drop and proceed upward. It should burn slightly for an hour or so in your nose and/or sinuses. That is normal.

Anu Thailam comes in a 10 ml bottle and is used as nasal drops for Nasyam, to help clear Sinus Congestion.


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