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Patanjali Crack Heal Cream


Product Description

Patanjali Crack Heal Cream – 50g
Heals Cracked Heel, Foot & Fingers – 100% Herbal Therapy from Baba Ramdev

Each 5g contains w/w:
Brassica compestris (Oil of Turnip Rape / Canola) – 12.5%
KayaKalp Oil (Formulated Herbal Oil from Baba Ramdev) – 12.5%
Bee’s Wax – 12.5%
Dryobalanos camphora (Camphor) – 1%
Triticum aestivum (Wheat Oil) – 1%
Aloe Vera – 10%
Borax – 0.5%
The Preservative is not mentioned on the tube. It could be Methyl Paraben or Sodium Benzoate.

KayaKalp Oil – This is a proprietory herbal formula derived from extract of 21 herbs. The names of the herbs used to manufacture KayaKalp Oil are not disclosed by the company.

Apply the cream on the cracked heels / fingers after thoroughly washing them with soap. Preferably during night so that the cream remains applied for a longer time.


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