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buy Sri Sri Ayurveda Anti Acne Face Wash 60 ml in UK & USA

Sri Sri Ayurveda Anti Acne Face Wash 60 ml


Product Description

Purify your skin with Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Anti- Acne Face wash, enriched with the Power of precious Tea tree oil, ginger & grape seed extract. Keeps your skin clear, radiant, fresh & spotless. How it works? The specially formulated Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Anti-Acne Face wash, helps in preventing pimple & acne through triple action; 1) Fights bacteria: Washes away troublesome bacteria to help prevent pimple & infection 2) Cleansing: Provides deep pore cleansing & removes oil which is the main cause to attract dirt, germ & bacteria. 3) Exfoliate: Removes dead skin faster so helps in rejuvenating & complexion improvement.


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